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JCNA was hatched to follow up on the outcome of “Japan=China Carbon Neutral Forum”, held in March 20

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The 1st “Japan=China Carbon Neutral Forum” was held on 15th March, 2022, at the Imperial Hotel (Meeting Room A, 5th floor of Main Wing) with attendees from Japan and China as below.

-Japan: Ministry of The Environment, “Kurashi/Kankyou” Dept. and Economy and Industries Dept. of Shizuoka Prefectural Government, etc.

-China: Development and Reform Dept. of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government etc.

On behalf of Japanese Government, Deputy Minister of the Environment, Mr. Toshitaka Ohooka delivered the opening address.

On behalf of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, Deputy Minister, Mr. Zhu cong jiu attended the forum site in the Province.

The Forum was organized and sponsored by Organization for Economic Collaboration between Shizuoka Prefecture and Zhejiang Province and co-sponsored by the Secretariat of the Organization for Economic Collaboration between Zhejiang Province and Shizuoka & Fukui Prefecturers. Japan High-Tech Co. Ltd., Japan=China Friendship Association of Shizuoka Prefecture.

It was organized in the style of bilateral on-line interaction between Japan site in Tokyo and Chinese site in Hangzhou, with about 80 face-to-face attendees and approx.3000 on-line web participants in total from Japan and China.

It realized to provide the interactive conference to discuss solution to the environmental issues and sustainable development goals, between the government sector of Japan and the counterpart of Zhejiang Province.

It accommodated joint participation platform from the public and private sectors, with attendants from expert researchers & academics in the field of the Carbon Neutral issues and associated industries to exchange experiences & knowhow in direction to promote

collaborative activities.

For the 1st session, Japanese Ministry of the Environment report on “Japan’s carbon neutral and peak-out trends” was presented by Mr. Naoyuki Matsuda, Director of the task of environmental policy planning in Minister of the Environment Office, while the Director of the Living Environment Affairs Office of Shizuoka Prefecture, Mr. Toshiyuki Ichikawa delivered the report on “Shizuoka Prefecture’s action for establishment of Carbon-free Society”.

From Reform commission of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, Deputy Director Ms. Wu hong mei introduced report on “the trend of Carbon Peak-out and Carbon Neutral in Zhejiang Province”,

Whereas, Ms. Xu xiao yue、Deputy Director General of Economic information of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government reported on the current status in industrial sector for the Double Carbons (Carbon peak-put and Carbon neutral trend, promotion organizations & policy making adopted measures.

During the 2nd session, Mr. Juritsu Nakamura, Representative Director, Japan High-Tech Co., Ltd. and Executive Deputy Chairperson of Japan=Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, on behalf of the co-sponsors, delivered the supportive message to the forum, underlined his commitment for the task of bridging Japan and Zhejiang.

Lastly, the following Japanese consulting, R&D and industrial players made presentation of experiences, outlook and future potentials made out of their respective activities.

  1. Carbon-Free Consulting Co., Ltd., Mr. Rikuro Ikeda, General Manager, Domestic Business Department, delivered report on “De-carbonization measures and application in the industrial sector”.

  2. Nippon Steel Engineering Corp., Mr. Yuta Yamada, Group General Manager, 1st overseas Business Dept., introduced “De-carbonization technology and plant facilities”.

  3. WEF Technology Institute Co., Ltd., Mr. Akira Aoyama, CEO, presented his report on “Technologies to support CN + SDGs”. Note. WEF stands for “Water, Energy and Foods”.

In closing, high hope and expectation were expressed to all the participants in the forum to continue discussion and communication to step up their activities in order to make considerable contribution towards realization of SDGs, along with a broad-based environmental agenda (CN, Decarbonization etc.) .


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