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​Carbon Neutral

​ For the future of each person

About Us



In collaboration with Japan and other countries, we promote the creation, implementation and sustainable management of a broad spectrum decarbonization (carbon-neutral or carbon-free) concept,and support the efforts of domestic and overseas companies and governments in  realizing “carbon-neutral” with the aim of contributing to a circular economy, we have established the Japan Carbon Neutral Association(JCNA), in order to contribute to the said purpose.



Our corporation aims to carry out global-scale collaborative activities related to carbon neutrality, and will help solve more problems.


Information gathering and information dissemination

In addition to information gathering, information dissemination, and information provision, we conduct research and surveys on carbon neutrality, issue and publish journals, etc.



We build, propose, promote, and support business models that are conscious of carbon neutrality, energy issues, global warming countermeasures, and SDGs.


Exchange activities

We participate in international exchange events, exhibitions, and inspection visits, as well as plan, hold, and provide venues for lectures and seminars.

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