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In collaboration with Japan and other countries, we promote the creation, implementation and sustainable management of a broad spectrum decarbonization (carbon-neutral or carbon-free) concept,and support the efforts of domestic and overseas companies and governments in  realizing “carbon-neutral” with the aim of contributing to a circular economy, we have established the Japan Carbon Neutral Association(JCNA), in order to contribute to the said purpose.

Greetings from chairperson

I am Jurisu Nakamura, appointed as the chairperson of the Japan Carbon Neutral Association (JCNA).

Entering the 21st century, human civilization has been freed from simple labour by dramatically improving the efficiency of social and economic activities by developing a data-driven production and service provision style with the advent of high-density integration of semiconductors and quantum computers. Human beings are gaining the opportunity to devote their life time to leisure, learning and creative activities, but the deterioration of the global environment and the maligning of mental health, depicted by climate change are at a stage that should be called a crisis. It is a situation where you have to recognize that we are all included.
Since 2021, JCNA has been working on the development of prescriptions and technologies to overcome such a crisis of civilization, for cohesive social implementation in the real world and production sites, by combining efforts of individual research & development and manufacturing & social implementation attempts. 

Historically, Homo Sapiens (smart human beings who are good at ingenuity and adaptability) by gathering experience, information, and wisdom has spared no efforts to improve the probability of success in introduction and use of such experience and wisdom for creation of sustainable social solution in Japan and throughout the world. 

We have carried out various activities to promote the provision of information and arrange a place of trial that should be shared with the efforts of each country, organization, company and individual to bring about a meaningful, wise and sustainable solution.
Since JCNA is an open organization, we welcome the participation and contribution of any organization, organization or individual who agree to  the purpose of JCNA.

We also welcome the wisdom and advice of existing R&D organizations, think tanks, consultants, etc.
We would like to especially welcome the encouragement and support of national government and local government organs and officials.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Japan Carbon Neutral Association



​ List of directors

Juritsu Nakamura, Mr.


Representative Director,

Japan High-Tech Co., Ltd.


Yasuyuki Fujishima, Mr.


Former Councilor, Ministerial Secretariat, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan
Former Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Panama 


Toshikazu Okumura, Mr.

Ex. Board Member,

Tokyo Biso Kogyo Corporation
Representative and CEO,




Masahiro Nunome, Mr.

Ex.General Manager, IT, Finance and Real Estate Business Div., Marubeni Corporation
Ex.1st Managing Director, MarPless Communication Technology Pty. Ltd.,

Akira Aoyama,Mr.

 Rising Sun Single LightAward 

Representative Board Member, Aoyama Ecosystems Co., Ltd.,

Shiga Pref.


Masashi Mochizuki, Mr.

The class-1 working environment measurement expert, Labor and Social Security Attorny

Former Senior Engineer of EPSON Corporation, having engaged in various LCD related Business in Taiwan


Saran Mizuki, Ms.

Doctor of Educational Science, Certified Real Estate Broker, Affiliated Financial Planner

Representative Board Member, Morino Co., Ltd.(Consulting Environmental and Energy Fields)


​Organization's Profile


Organization's name: Japan Carbon Neutral Association
Date of establishment: July 12, 2022 Representative director: Established Nakamura

Headquarters location

2-14-5 Ryogoku Watanabe Building 6F, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-6569-4549

FAX: 03-6569-5226

1 minute walk from "Ryogoku Station" on the JR Chuo / Sobu Line

Vietnam branch

22/11 Huynh Dinh Hai Str., Ward 24, Binh Thanh Dist., HCM City Vietnam

TEL: 028-3517-6018

FAX:  028-3517-6019

Nagano Branch Research Institute

2177-25 Hotakaariake, Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture

TEL: 0263-88-6227

FAX: 0263-84-5101

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